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Axiom Mobile Imaging

Why choose axiom for mobile data analysis?

Every case needs to analyze and review mobile data. Recover mobile evidence from the most sources. DON’T RELY ON A SINGLE TOOL. Combined with GrayKey’s industry-leading iOS acquisition, AXIOM will get the most data and provide the best analysis for iOS devices.

What can axiom do for You?

Thanks to the powerful carving within AXIOM, you can find more pictures, chat, and browser history. Additionally, you can easily present findings to non-technical stakeholders by showing pieces like rebuilt chat history. “I worked on a case where a suspect turned over a phone and did not provide the passcode.

Is axiom the most user-friendly product you have used?

“AXIOM is the most user-friendly product I have used. I use it on a daily basis. It has become my go-to in every investigation where [technology] is used to track what was on a person’s mind or what the person was doing.”

What is magnet axiom?

AXIOM offers industry-leading imaging, search, analysis and reporting tools for Windows and Mac computers. Want to learn more about using Magnet AXIOM to get the most out of your investigations?

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