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Be Mobile Botswana Contacts

How do I call Botswana from an international destination?

The charges will be from when the call is answered up to when the receiver is replaced down. From an international destination, please dial the number ‘267’ before dialing the Botswana number.

How many digits are in a Botswana phone number?

Fixed line numbers in Botswana are seven digits long in a closed telephone numbering plan, with the geographical area being indicated by the first two or three digits, meaning that there are no area codes. The country was allocated its own country code by the International Telecommunication Union, +267, in the late 1960s.

Is Bemobile an authorized retailer?

BeMobile Inc. independently operates this site and is a Verizon Authorized Retailer. Locations Your location Search radius10 mi25 mi50 mi100 mi200 mi500 mi

How do I get the benefits of 4G in Botswana?

Request 4G device settings in-store or by dialling 1333. Enjoy the benefits of 4G. Get access to Botswana General Certificate Of Secondary Education (BGCSE) and Botswana Junior Certificate (JC) content Online in the comfort of your home with Classmate powered by BTC Mobile.

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