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Class 3 Mobility Scooter

What is a large class 3 mobility scooter?

Large/Class 3 Mobility Scooters/Rascal. Our large class 3 mobility scooters include features such as large battery size, large tyres for better performance and 4 wheel suspension. The more advanced models include features such as waterproof dash panel, waterproof USB power output, revolutionary run flat pneumatic tyres and more.

Are class 3 scooters available on the scheme?

Before lockdown, disabled journalist Ian Cook managed to get out and review three popular class 3 scooters, all available on the Scheme. Read our article to see what he thought of them!

What is the top speed of a Class 2 mobility scooter?

Class 2 mobility scooters can only be used on footpaths, pavements, and when crossing roads. They have a maximum speed of 4mph (6.4kph).

Can I take a spare battery on a Class 2 mobility scooter?

The advancement of battery technology means that longer distance can be travelled on Class 2 mobility scooters in some cases, you'll be able to take a spare battery on your journey but you should always check that your chosen model can accommodate this. Class 2 mobility scooters can only be driven on pavements, except when you're crossing the road.

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