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Cypress Grove Mobile Home Park

Can you rent campsites at Cypress Grove Park?

For family campsites, group campsites, handicap campsites or pavilion rentals, please call the park. Hold your wedding or reception, meeting or any other special event at Cypress Grove's newly renovated 1925 estate house. Located on beautiful Lake Jessamine, Cypress Grove Park is sure to make any occasion an extraordinary one.

Where is Cypress Grove Park in Orange County?

Located on Holden right off of Orange Ave, Cypress Grove Park is a big beautiful park with tons of open green space, lots of great trails, and an interesting estate house. Each weekend, we generally take some time to walk the grounds at this park.

Is Cypress Grove Park worth a visit?

Overall, Cypress Grove Park is a great park with lots of open space and things to do and see. While I wish it were open earlier so that I could check it out each morning, it is nice to have a park like this to check out on weekends.

How do I move into a Cypress Cove Park home?

The only way to move in is to purchase an existing home from a current resident. Some homes are sold by owner, but many are sold through representatives in the park. Cypress Cove must approve all applicants before any offer can be made on a home.

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