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Damage Dealer Cod Mobile

How to get the damage dealer medal in Call of Duty Mobile?

The Damage Dealer medal can be obtained after dealing more than 500 damage in a match. Keep in mind that this will not be applicable if you are playing the Warfare mode in the game. The players still have a number of other game modes like BR and hardpoint to try and complete this particular COD Mobile medal.

How many medals are there in cod mobile?

For example, Damage Dealer is an achievement which can be earned if a player deals more than 500 damage in a match. There are a total of 85 medals in COD Mobile. 42 of these medals are exclusive to the multiplayer mode in the game. Most of the achievements which lead to medals are easy to complete.

How to get damage dealer medals in GTA 5 online?

There are a number of different tasks to gain the medals in the game. The Damage Dealer falls under Kill medals and the easiest way to get this is by playing a ranked Team Deathmatch or a Battle Royale mode because of the tough fight that can be only delivered by high ranking players in the game.

Why call of Duty Mobile has become so popular?

Call Of Duty Mobile has seen a massive rise in its players because of the games’ intense playing modes and other challenges. The makers have also added a number of medals that can grant the players some exclusive rewards.

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