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Duck Commander Mobile Homes

Who owns Duck Commander?

Mr. Roberston founded the Duck Commander company in 1973. He was an avid duck hunter who became disillusioned with the quality of duck call products that were available. Robertson decided to make his own duck calls that were much higher quality.

Where can I get a photo of the Duck Commander?

There are great photo opportunities under the infamous Duck Commander/Buck Commander sign or inside the gift shop at our photobooth. Duck calls are still being produced daily by the Robertsons and friends on the site.

Is the Duck Commander tour worth the drive from Tennessee?

It was worth the drive from Tennessee. They are an awesome family making a difference in the lives of others. I highly recommend the Tour. Take some friends and enjoy together as we did. Thank You Duck Commander!

Where does Duck Commander’s Mark Roberston live?

Despite having a net worth of several million dollars, the duo still lives in a double-wide house. In fact, this is the same abode that the couple lived in over four decades in the past. Mr. Roberston founded the Duck Commander company in 1973.

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