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Dukes Veterinary Mobile Service

Who are Dukes equine vets?

We are a 100%equine practice and have changed our name to Dukes Equine Vets Ltd. Same team, same ownership, still dedicated to offering a great service.

Is it free to talk to a vet online?

Yes, some online telehealth services offer free consultations with vets and other pet care professionals. However, most providers limit these services to one free conversation per month. If interested in long-term access to veterinary care and expert advice, we recommend investing in a subscription plan. Can online vets prescribe medication?

What are the hours of the Duke animal clinic?

The clinic offers a wide variety of services including a mobile clinic for our large animal clients. Please visit each of the links above for more detail information about Duke Animal Clinic. Saturday--8:00am until 12:00 noon. Copyright Duke Animal Clinic, All Rights Reserved.

Does fetch the vet mobile veterinary practice perform euthanasia?

Please Note: Fetch the Vet Mobile Veterinary Practice performs euthanasia only on pets who have an unmanageable disease or those with little quality of life remaining. We reserve the right to refuse euthanasia if we feel it is being chosen as a convenience option (i.e.

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