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Hearing Mobility Accessible Tub

What exactly is a mobility accessible bathtub?

what exactly is a mobility accessible bathtub, will my children be able to take a bath in it? Problem with this question? Yes your child can take a bath in it. It just means there is a seat in the shower for people with limited mobility. Problem with this answer? 761marybe... Yes your children can use the bathtub.

What is a hearing accessible room?

A hearing accessible room is one that uses light or vibration as a notification instead of sound. For example, if someone knocks on your door, a light would flash near the door so that someone who is hearing impaired will know someone is there.

What is the Ella transfer60 wheelchair accessible walk-in bathtub?

The Ella Transfer60 Wheelchair Accessible Walk-In Bathtub features our Infusion™ Microbubble Therapy system, a 13-jet hydro system with an in-line water heater and ozone sterilization, two 2” drains, push controls and a 5-piece Huntington Brass fast-fill faucet set.

How do you get into a walk-in tub with a wheelchair?

Bathers using a wheelchair can enter with ease from the side of the bathtub. The large entry through the wide, L-shaped outward swing door allows the bather to hold on to the deck- and wall-mounted pre-installed grab bars as they slide in or out of the walk-in tub bathtub.

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