hMany MBA applicants asked us – How difficult is it to enter Ard Harvard Business School? ‘

What are my chances of being at Harvard?’ What does Harvard see? ‘When there are many excellent schools in the world, why do so many applicants drop out of Harvard Business School? The simple answer is – because it is Harvard! Harvard does not depend on MBA rankings for reliability. In fact, it is the other way around. Any vocational school ranking that does not top Harvard loses its credibility.

One of the most popular stories on our website is about an MBA crystal ball consultant who is enrolled at Harvard Business School and has declined it. If you are curious to know this, we will share a link in the description below. However, his story is not found in the specifics of being taken to Harvard Business School. In this, we will focus on that.

So watch till the end. Before proceeding to the how-to part, tackle some pre-application questions. How difficult is it to enter Harvard Business School?

The short answer is – very difficult. Why here, although technically Harvard University was not the first to establish a vocational school (this difference goes to Wharton), its century-long existence gave it its first major advantage. During these years, a large number of universities followed suit, with Harvard ensuring that he stayed on the driver’s seat when it came to innovation and setting the bar for management education. With an endowment that is the largest in education, it can tap into the resources that few other universities can. The HBS brand is super-strong not only in the field of education but also in industry in almost all areas of expertise.

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This pretty much covers the entire spectrum of post-MBA opportunities:-

This means that the alumni network (one of the major takeaways of the MBA) is entangled in high power across all business sectors (as well as non-business streams such as politics). All of this attracts the best and brightest MBA applicants from around the world in hopes of securing a seat in their dream school. So, yes, it is very difficult to get into Harvard Business School. Which is probably why many applicants want to know the answer to the next question. What are my chances of coming to Harvard Business School? Unlike the earlier question, this can actually be answered with data published by Harvard. The selection rate for the Harvard MBA is 11%. These figures can vary from year to year, but if you look at the trend, it has become harder to get into HBS over the years. You should give a general idea about your opportunities at Harvard Business School.

But as with all figures, you should be aware of these numbers. If you blindly assume that the probability of getting HBS is 11%, then it would be wrong. There are many other factors at play that are not captured by these statistics. The applicant is one of the self-filtering that occurs in the pool before submitting the application. As a hypothetical example, there may be more than 1000 people who want to go to Harvard. But only 100 can actually apply. The remaining 900 may be due to not jumping on the band. Some may believe that their application fee will be better spent on other programs, where the chances of being accepted are better than at Harvard. Others may believe they can wait a year or two to strengthen their profile. Out of 100 applying, 11 will get the offer.

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This is a simple example:-

to prove a point. Despite the selectivity numbers, your chances of entering Harvard are not 11%. They may be better, or worse – depending on your overall profile and more importantly – your ability as stated by the Harvard MBA admissions team

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