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Mobil Aircondition Test

How are portable air conditioners tested?

Each portable air conditioner is tested according to the current government mandates for testing. Portable air conditioners were tested under these conditions: two chambers – one with the ac, duct, window kit, etc. inside of it; the other representative of the outdoors

What topics are covered in mobile air conditioning training classes?

Multiple topics are covered, such as the basics of A/C and discussing specific problems as well as explaining federal requirements. Attend the best mobile air conditioning training classes available!

Is the KoldFront portable air conditioner any good?

The Koldfront is one of the most affordable portable air conditioners on the market, selling for considerably less than big-name models. The corner-cutting shows through when you use it on a daily basis, though: the compressor is quite loud when starting and stopping.

How to choose the right portable air conditioner?

Portable air conditioners won’t be this strong, and generally, have a BTU rating of less than 2,000. A BTU of 2,000 will still cool an area of about 200 square feet efficiently. Appearance The aesthetics will play a minor part in your decision as well. You will want the air conditioner to blend in or at least be attractive when others see it.

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