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Mobile Detailing Subscription

What is a mobile Auto Detail service?

Our mobile auto detail service is the service you require to keep your car looking the best it can for years to come. We are more then a car wash, we provide mobile car detailing direct to you! Some Colorado vehicle owners have specific needs, and we are happy to tackle those for you.

Why choose our auto detailing packages?

Our auto detailing packages include more services per package than most competitor's. For instance, most charge extra for shampooing, headliner's, leather cleaning and conditioning. It is included in our full detailing packages. You won't find better quality products or service. Anyone can clean or wax a vehicle but, would you trust just anyone?

How does pro Touch mobile detailing schedule clients?

For the purpose of client satisfaction Pro Touch Mobile Detailing schedules clients in specific time slots during the week. The failure of the client to give Pro Touch Mobile Detailing 24 hr. notice of cancellation, or give us a courtesy call to change the appointment, is detrimental to the business of Pro Touch Mobile Detailing.

Why choose Phantom detailing?

At Phantom Detailing, that is the feeling we want to deliver to you all the time. There are other subscription detailing services in town, but they require you to go to them. With Phantom, we come to you! Or, we pick up your vehicle and return it the same day.

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