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Mobile Lab Truck

What is a mobile medical lab?

Odulair Mobile Medical Labs are built to serve patient populations as independent operating vehicles or vehicles incorporated into an existing facility. This capability allows organizations to utilize the unit to provide on-site and patient outreach laboratory and/or pharmacy services.

What is the Agilent mobile laboratory?

The Agilent Mobile Laboratory takes the full power of the analytical laboratory to the incident site to detect chemi- cal warfare agents, biological warfare agents, and toxic industrial compounds. This description of the laboratory's facilities, instrumentation, and capabilities is a supplement to the referenced video presentation [1].

What is mobile simulation lab?

The Mobile Simulation Lab’s technology allows training participants to practice emergency scenarios on life-like patient simulators without real life consequences. Patient assessment, clinical reasoning skills, and group dynamics are all observed, evaluated, and (if necessary) reinforced according to current policies and procedures.

What is the mobile laboratory coalition?

In some cases, the mobile laboratory travels to schools, museums, and other community organizations, providing the schools with educational resources which they otherwise lack. The mobile laboratory coalition is a loose partnership of groups that provide such services.

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