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Mobile Lift Pallet Jack

How does one use a pallet jack?

StepsFind the release lever. Stand behind the manual pallet jack as this is the position you will be in when you move it.Push inward on the drop lever to lower the prongs. If the prongs are already completely lowered, you will not see them move.Put the prongs underneath the skid or pallet. ...Use the handle to jack up the pallet jack. ... More items...

How high can a pallet jack lift?

Some pallet jacks are designed to not only move pallets around the warehouse, but also raise them up for easy stacking and storage. The lift height is the maximum distance a pallet can be raised up. These heights can range anywhere from a minimum of 3 inches up to almost 8 feet at the maximum.

Can you lift a car with a pallet jack?

To do so, a pallet jack operator must proceed cautiously to avoid damaging the jack or the car or putting others in danger. Pallet jacks are generally not used to lift cars in garages and other automotive facilities.

How do you raise a pallet jack?

Check the fluid level in the hydraulic cylinder.Extend the hydraulic cylinder completely to bring air towards the top of the cylinder.The air will escape through the bleeder nut.Tighten the bleeder nut, when you find any discharge of hydraulic fluid through the nut.

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