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Mobile Pallet Truck

How are pallet trucks operated?

Most hand pallet trucks are operated using a tiller. The tiller on the Linde models is designed for one-handed operation and features an ergonomic handle which makes it easy to maneuver even the heaviest loads. The tiller also boasts a large steering angle, which enables the operator to accurately position the truck in tight spaces.

What are the benefits of pallet trucks?

Pallet trucks remove the burden of manual labor from employees, leaving them sharper, more energized and less stressed. Their boosted morale and well-being are likely to translate into even higher productivity, more positive attitudes and greater loyalty to a company that has their best interests in mind.

What are Crown pallet trucks used for?

Pallet Trucks are used in a wide range of applications when vertical stacking is not required. They provide a reliable, economical material handling solution. Pallet Trucks for Many Applications Crown pallet trucks support a wide range of demanding applications in warehousing, manufacturing and distribution.

What is an all-terrain pallet truck?

Our all-terrain pallet trucks are the perfect movers for places like gravel pits, outdoor construction sites and other environments where reliable performance is key. These user-friendly off-road pallet jacks cut down training times and improve the performance of operators of all experience levels. Custom Pallet Trucks: Don’t see what you need?

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