Mobile Shear

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Mobile Shear

What can a mobile shear Baler be used for?

Complete with 5m charge box, hold down clamp and radio control the 500 Lefort mobile shear baler, baler shear is ideal for shearing and baling loose light iron, mild steel plate, RSJ's, angle iron, steel pipe, motor vehicle bodies and non ferrous materials. Loading...

What is Genesis XT Mobile shear?

The Genesis XT Mobile Shear is designed to process steel and other materials more efficiently in scrap and demolition applications and fit on smaller carriers, reducing initial acquisition investments and hourly energy consumption costs.

Why choose LaBounty shears?

LaBounty LaBounty ® has supplied the most reliable shear and demolition attachments to the market since 1973. When LaBounty invented the mobile shear in 1977, it drastically improved metal and concrete processing and transformed an entire industry.

What are excavator shears used for?

Applications include scrap metal recycling and processing, road and bridge reconstruction, building demolition, and wood demolition and recycling. Perfect for a selection of different industries, LaBounty Scrap and Demolition Mobile Shears are the world leader in excavator shears and are available in different models for different machine types.

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