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Mobile Training Base

What is the planes mobile training table?

The Planes Mobile Training table is a flip top training table that includes a wide variety of options. This training table with wheels supports dynamic areas.

Why choose our mobile app for training and development?

With our user-friendly mobile app, training can be divided to sections or chapters, course completion is always visual so employees can track their training progress. With continuous training capabilities, users can pick up courses from where they left off last time, for a true on-the-go experience.

Why choose mobile learning for your business?

When these mobile learning programs include elements of game play or are based on a game ideal, they are more engaging to use and can encourage your employees to “play” longer, which means they are more committed to gaining knowledge that helps them be successful in your industry.

What makes our employee training software powerful when having non-desk employees?

What truly makes our employee training software powerful when having non-desk employees, is the ability to view current completion status and with actionable data reach out to employees at any time, wherever they are, with a unique and user-friendly online employee training experience.

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