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Osl Mobile Portal

Why OSL retail services?

OSL Retail Services is a family of passionate and enthusiastic movers and shakers, over 7000+ strong across North America. Some of the largest retailers and brands on the planet hire us to deliver superior sales solutions and profound customer experiences.

What is OSL app?

Rather than handwrite data only to later scan or re-enter the information digitally, OSL app lets you do it once, save it, and send it to clients, supervisors or yourself. OSL app will save you time, minimize errors, and increase productivity.

How to submit mileage claims with OSL expense?

From the OSL Expense homepage, click the Mileage key at the end of the page. How to submit Mileage Claims 2/3 Select the date you traveled and click Next. How to submit Mileage Claims 3/3

What’s new at OSL Canada?

OSL Canada, we’ve got some big news! For the fourth consecutive year, OSL Retail Services has been recognized with the prestigious Best Managed Companies designation for its continued commitment to achieving sustainable growth.

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