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Panasonic Mobile Made In Japan

What is Panasonic Mobile phone?

Panasonic Mobile Price List In India Panasonic is a Japanese multinational electronics company that deals in a horde of products. Recently it has come up with several smartphones as well. So if you would like to try out smartphones from this brand, you can take a look at our Panasonic mobile list.

What is the history of the Panasonic brand?

Panasonic Corporation sells virtually all of its products and services worldwide under the Panasonic brand, having phased out the Sanyo brand in the first quarter of 2012. The company has sold products under a number of other brand names during its history. In 1927, Matsushita adopted the brand name " National " for a new lamp product.

Why are Panasonic cameras made in China and not Japan?

My guess is it is capacity and redundancy (whether by choice or accident since the Panasonic camera factory is in Fukushima). There is probably some built in Japan on purpose for Japanese domestic preferences...for example, GH2 are made in both China and Japan, and those models sold in Japan seem to be made in Japan.

Are Panasonic refrigerators made in Japan?

“Carefully crafting the functions, designs and quality of its products, Panasonic has continued to develop ‘Made in Japan’ refrigerators and washing machines to provide customers with truly premium lifestyles by bringing extra ease and comfort to their everyday lives.”

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