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Quarry Lakes Mobile Home Park

How do I get to Quarry Lakes Park?

From Mission Blvd (Hwy. 238) in Fremont, turn south on Nursery Ave. (away from the hills) and right (west) on Niles Blvd. Turn left on Osprey Drive and left on Quarry Lakes Drive. Proceed to the park entrance on the left.

What is quarry lakes?

Quarry Lakes Regional Recreation Area is the culmination of many years of planning and partnership between the Water District and the East Bay Regional Park District. The property that now comprises the park was acquired by the two agencies between 1975 and 1992 through purchase, donation and inter-agency agreements.

What are the quarry lakes in Fremont?

The Quarry Lakes consist of nine lakes and ponds that are a water shed in the Eastern part of Fremont for the East Bay Regional Park District. The largest is Horseshoe lake (by the shape of the lake) and I believe the smallest is Shinn Pond.

Why quarry lakes Alameda Creek?

Quarry Lakes incorporates the historic boundaries of two Mexican ranchos and the former Mission San Jose lands. Alameda Creek was the original boundary between Contra Costa and Santa Clara Counties. Alameda County was carved out of these two counties in 1853 and was named after the creek that drains it.

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