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Tub To Shower Conversion Mobile

How do you replace a bathtub in a mobile home?

Tub drains have different components that first need to be removed, so methods on this step may vary. ...Use a tool designed for tub drain removal, called a tub drain wrench, to remove the drain flange.Use a screwdriver to disconnect and remove the tub's waste and overflow valve cover. More items...

How to install a bathtub in a mobile home?

InstructionsRemove the Original Drain Fitting. Use a tub drain wrench to unscrew the drain fitting counterclockwise, levering the wrench against the crosshairs inside the drain fitting.Prepare the New Drain Fitting. Prepare the new drain fitting and the drain pipes for installation. ...Insert the New Fitting. Move to the top side of the tub. ...Secure the New Fitting. ...

How to replace shower faucets in a mobile home?

Cut water off.Remove access panel.Unhook water lines and lock nuts from faucet stems.Go back in bathroom - pull the faucet out.Put the new faucet in.Go back to access panel side - Hold the faucet from the back, put each lock nut on.

How to install a shower drain in mobile home?

Test-Fit the Shower PanDry-fit the shower pan in the opening. ...Drill 3/16-inch holes in the flange at each stud location.Check to see if the shower drain hole lines up with the existing shower drain. ...Using a jigsaw or circular saw, cut a hole in the subfloor for the shower drain pipe. ... More items...

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