You may prefer having hard copies of important files within arm’s reach rather than storing them digitally, but is that good for your business? Technical experts say no.  Storing your documents in a digital file organizer makes sense from an organizational perspective. It is the best way to ensure quick access to files and the long-term safety of your most important business files.  Here are three reasons business owners should abandon their archives and invest in digital file organizers.

1.Offers a Unified Search

Searching for and retrieving files can be time-consuming. On average, office workers spend 30 to 40 percent of their day searching for files.  On the other hand, businesses spend $20, $120, and $220 in labor to file a document, find a misfiled document, and reproduce a lost document, respectively. These costs can restrict a business’s budget, reduce employee productivity, and limit business growth.  A digital file organizer is a time-saving tool. With a digital file organizer, you can perform a unified search by a word or phrase in a document. You can also search for and access files remotely if you are in a location with an internet connection. 

2.Email Tax Documents Securely

With a digital file organizer, you can send email tax documents securely. Digital file organizers have tools for password-protecting documents, making it difficult for bad actors to commit tax-related identity theft.  Digital file organizers can encrypt your tax document. With a digital file organizer, you can place your tax document in an encrypted wrapper, such as a password-protected ZIP, PDF, or DOC file.  Digital file organizers offer a secure way for you and your tax pros to view documents. They offer a secure portal where you can create a password; only the person with the password can access the document. 

3.Auto Organize Files

A digital file organizer auto-organizes files, eliminating delays in your timetable. It is pretty simple; if you know where to find files, there will be no delays in your timetable.  Auto-organized files add to your productivity. If all files are properly labeled and saved according to categories, it becomes easier for employees to perform their day-to-day tasks.  Auto-organized files make it easier for employees to transition from one workstation to another. For example, if one of your employees goes on vacation leave, someone will work temporarily to replace them.  The reliever will need help to locate files manually. To prevent this from happening, you should invest in a digital file organizer, which easily stores files to access and retrieve them.  Lastly, auto-organized files help ensure that nothing is missing. For example, if you pay invoices or handle client contracts, sorted and categorized files will help ensure you get all the monthly payments or extensions of contracts. 

Invest in a Digital File Organizer Today

As you can see, investing in a digital file organizer greatly benefits businesses. Not only will you be able to perform a unified search, but you will also be able to email tax documents securely and have a tool that auto organizes-files. Switch your hard copies to digital today. You will not regret it!

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