Are you ever browsing a website and coming across a video that you want to watch over and over again? Whether it’s your favorite YouTube personality or a funny cat video, it can be pretty annoying if you have to go through the process of opening the page, scrolling past all the content that you’ve already seen, finding the video, and then playing it. This article will show you how To Loop A Video On Android so that you can watch your favorite videos over and over again without having to go through all of those pesky steps!

What Is A Loop?

Looping is the process of repeating a video or slide show on an Android phone. When you set up a loop, the video will replay over and over without ever reaching the end. This means that you don’t need to worry about formatting, timing, or pesky repeat codes. A loop is a video that repeats. Looping videos are often used for advertisements, as it creates a sense of novelty and never-ending excitement in the viewer. A looped video will start from the beginning, play through to the end, and then repeat again. If you want to make your own looped video, you can do so by using an app such as “VideoLoop.”

How To Loop A Video On Android

Android phones come with many different features, one of which is the ability to loop a video. This feature can be accessed by opening the video, then tapping the loop icon on the corner of your screen. The video will now play over and over until you’ve watched it all. You can stop the looping at any time by pressing the pause button or selecting a new video to watch.
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To loop a video on Android, you need to download the app Loopr from the store. It is free to use, and it is really easy to use. Once downloaded, open the app and find an interesting video, then hit “Loop” at the top of the screen. The Android operating system has a built-in “video player” application. At the bottom of the screen, you will see an option to “Loop.” Clicking on this will automatically play your video over and over again. If you want to stop it, just press the “Pause” button.

How do I set up a loop?

To loop a video on Android, you will need to start editing the video first. Tap the menu button and then tap “Edit.” At the bottom of the screen, there is a loop icon that allows you to set how many times it loops before it stops. Setting up a loop video is easy. First, go to the settings on your phone, then select the camera app. Click “Video duration”. Select “Custom” and type in the time you want the video to loop. The video will now play over and over until you stop it. 1. Tap the video thumbnail on your watch to open it. 2. Tap “Loop” in the upper right corner of the video. 3. Choose an option for how many times you want the video to loop.


If you want to loop a video on Android, all you need to do is open the video and press ‘looping’ in the top-right corner of the screen. This will reset the video and play it over again so that it will continue cycling indefinitely.

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