Congratulations you won virus, also called “Congratulation Virus” and “Congratulations Virus”, is a computer virus that tries to get in on your Android phone. It gets into devices by sending text messages with the subject of the message being “Congratulations!” or “You won!”. While this type of virus might seem like a harmless prank, it can cause an infected device to crash, freeze up, or run slow. Luckily there are ways around these consequences.

What are the Congratulations You Win Virus?

The Congratulations You Won virus is ransomware that affects Android devices. This ransomware uses a fake block screen to trick the user into believing they have to pay money in order to remove it. Users who fall for this scam are then charged $100 by the scammers and told that their phone will be “fixed” if they pay. The virus itself isn’t difficult to remove because it just disguises itself as a game and asks for permissions like “location”. The most common reason for this virus to exist is when a hacker gets into someone’s account and sends themselves a text message saying you won. This can cause the user to think there’s a scammer. When this happens the virus will stay forever on the person’s device. The only way to remove it is by resetting the device or going into safe mode and navigating to find and delete the virus from your apps list.
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How do I remove the virus on my phone?

Congratulations You Won Virus on Android can be very annoying, especially when it gives you the time and date of the congratulations, but luckily there are many ways to remove this virus. This virus is removed by uninstalling apps, clearing data, resetting your phone, and hard resetting. If you have already performed these steps, try to clear your cache. Congratulations, you have contracted the Congratulations virus. It is a difficult virus to remove and will cause your device to crash repeatedly. To stop this from happening, you need to turn off the app that hosted the virus. Once the virus has been removed, it is advised that you reinstall your operating system to ensure that all viruses have been cleared out of your device.

App security best practices

To remove a virus from your Android device, you should block all the app’s access to the Internet and delete their data files. This will prevent somebody from installing malware on the device in the future. To prevent viruses from infecting your Android app, it’s important to follow some best practices. One practice is to ensure that the apps and their code are secured with a password. Another practice is to validate any inputted data in your app. Using these practices can help keep your app safe. If you have found yourself on the receiving end of a text message or another notification congratulating you on winning something, then it is likely that you have been infected with the so-called “Congratulations You Won Virus.”
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This virus typically has an app to go along with it and once downloaded, will likely send spam messages even after the app was uninstalled. The virus can be removed from your Android device using the guide found here:


The virus congratulates the user with a message that says “Congratulations! You won $1,000,000,” which sounds very much like a scam. After purchasing the app, it will continue to send an alert that says: “You just won $1,000” as well as various other spam messages. The application will also be entirely uninstalled from the device.

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