From its earliest days, Android has had the headphone icon. This is because at the time of its development, it was not yet possible to charge your phone without plugging in headphones. It still remains a part of android to this day. But now that you have the new Bluetooth wireless headset – removing the headphone icon from your lock screen can make life easier for you!

How to remove headphone icon from android

To remove the headphone icon on an Android device, navigate to Settings > General > Accessibility and tap on the “Icon package” option. Tap on any of the icons to clear it from the list. Android has a built-in feature called the notification pulldown bar that is located on the top of your screen. It allows you to open your notifications from an app. With this bar, you can also access some important settings such as “do not disturb.” When you’re looking for a way to get rid of the headphone icon that appears by default on your Android device, there are several ways that you can do this. Many people don’t like the headphone icon that appears when they plug in their headphones. It’s not just an annoyance, it can be dangerous as well. There are a few different ways to remove the headphone icon from your Android device. The first is through the settings. Go to “About phone” and tap on “Build number.” You will see a new option for “Android debug” which will allow you to choose how you want to see your headset icon.
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The second and third options are via an app called No Headset Icon and Headsets Removal respectively.

Best way to remove headphone icon from android

The headphone icon is on your screen and you’re using an android device. You want to remove the headphones from your screen, but you can’t seem to find the option anywhere. You may have tried rebooting your device, updating it, and even going through the settings menu. Luckily, there is a way for you to remove this on-screen icon! When you first set up your phone a notification icon will appear on the screen. This is the headphone symbol and it’s annoying because it constantly reminds you that your device has headphones plugged in. Follow these steps to remove it from your home screen: Even though you might be able to remove the headphone icon from your android phone, it’s important to know that it is a hidden app and may have some sort of function that you don’t want. The best way to ensure that you are getting rid of all traces of the app is to erase its cache. In order to do this, go into your settings and tap “Storage” then select “Cached Data” and tap “Clear Cache.”

Tips for removing headphone icon from android

  1. On the Settings screen, go to Personalisation > Lock Screen and Security > Screen Lock.
  2. Enter your pattern, password, or swipe in a pin code if you want to
  3. Scroll down for Display and look for the option “Hide icon for Bluetooth devices” in the menu
  4. Select this option and then agree to the warning that appears One of the most annoying things when you have an android phone is the headphone icon.
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It’s always in your way, and as you can see there are many ways to remove it from your screen. The easiest and most reliable way to remove it is using Tasker. You can use this task to automatically hide the icon on certain apps or for certain times of day. Android users can have the “headphone” icon removed from their devices by following these steps:
  1. Open your phone’s settings app.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of your screen and tap on “Personalisation.”
  3. Tap on “Status Bar.”
  4. You will see a list of icons on your screen with a check mark next to the headphone icon. Tap on this icon to remove it, or scroll down the list and tap on “Add.”
  5. Now you can add an icon that you would like to use instead of the headphone icon, such as a camera or signal strength indicator.
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The headphone icon is a symbol that stands for the audio product the phone is plugged into. It can be annoying when it appears on the screen, so there are a few ways to remove it. One way would be to go into settings and make sure you aren’t using Bluetooth or other wireless devices to listen to music or watch movies.

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