Android is one of the most popular platforms for mobile devices today, but if you’ve ever tried to rotate a video on your phone, you know that it can be tricky! With Google’s new update, you’ll now have an easier time rotating videos with their latest update. This blog article gives an in-depth look at how to rotate videos on Android with this new update.

How to rotate videos on android

There are many ways to rotate a video on your Android device. One of the most popular ways is to use the gyroscope, which uses the movement of your phone to turn it into a 3D rotation. Another way is just to use the phone’s camera to take two pictures with different orientations and put them together. Rotating videos is a really great feature on mobile devices so that you can watch them in landscape orientation! It’s super easy to rotate them by just swiping left and right. One of the coolest features of an android phone is the ability to rotate videos. You can find this feature a few different ways, but one way is to press and hold the video player’s icon on your screen (usually at the bottom or left side of your screen) and then drag it up and down. If you would like to change the orientation of your current video, first long press on it and select “Rotate Left” or “Rotate Right”.
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You can rotate videos on your android phone through different methods. The easiest method is to tap and hold the video, and then you’ll see the rotation button. You can also rotate it on an app called 360 Video Player.

Why you should do this

This blog article explains that if you are streaming movies on your Android device then the video will rotate automatically; however, if you want to change this setting to a particular orientation, you can quickly do so. Having videos on your phone is one of the best ways to keep entertained during a long commute or just when you’re bored. Unfortunately, if you do not know how to rotate your video on Android, there’s a good chance that some of the content on your device will get scratched. This can happen when you are holding your phone in your hands and rotating it, but it can also happen just from sitting in a pocket with keys or other objects. Rotating a video on your Android device is easy. To rotate a video, you need to open the “Video” app on your phone. Once you’re in the app, select a video that you want to rotate and then click the gear-shaped icon at the bottom right of the screen. From there, click on “Rotate”.

What You Need To Rotate Videos On Your Android Device

Android devices typically have a few different ways to rotate videos. One way is to use the desktop software on your computer, which you can find here. Another option is to download a third-party application from the Google Play Store. A third option is to rotate videos within Android settings, but you’ll need to do this one by one for every video you want to rotate.
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If you are trying to rotate a video on your Android device, the easiest way is to use an app called QuickTime. This program will allow you to select a portion of the video and rotate it by 90 degrees on the screen. The best way to rotate videos on your Android device is by installing the app VideoRotate. This will allow you to select which side of the video you want to be on, and it will automatically rotate the video for you.


In conclusion, I would say that the best way to rotate videos on Android is to use your finger and rotate it in a clockwise motion. Android phones have a feature that allows you to rotate the app’s display to make it easier for you. To turn this on, open up the settings menu on your phone and go to accessibility. From there, select “auto-rotate screen” from the list of options.

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