Texting is a ubiquitous part of modern society, with billions of people using it every day to communicate with others. However, while texting is widely used in many different contexts, it’s not always secure – text messages can be intercepted and read by anyone who has access to them. In this blog post, we share some tips that can help you keep your texts safe.

How to stop someone from reading your text messages

One of the most common ways to stop someone from reading your texts on android is to turn off their data or so called WiFi / internet usage. This means that they will only be able to use phone calls and messages while they are connected to a mobile network. Another option is to create a password by following these instructions. There are many ways to stop your texts from being read, but the easiest way is by adding a password or a pin. To lock your phone with a password, go to “settings” on your phone and choose “security.” Then scroll down until you see “screen lock.” From there, you can choose “password.” In order to stop someone from reading your text messages on android, you must first record yourself sending them. Next, go to the settings menu of your phone and scroll down until you see “SMS/MMS settings.” Once you have found that menu, scroll down until you see “Privacy.” Select which option is most applicable for your needs (whether it’s a single person or everyone in a group chat).
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Then select the text message types where you want to block someone from seeing your messages. Finally, scroll down and select whether to hide the blocked text messages in notifications.

Preventing messages being sent to blocked numbers

Sometimes people with whom you don’t want to communicate may be sending you text messages. There are a couple of options that can help prevent these messages from being sent to your cell phone. First, it is important to know who is contacting you and is blocked, so copy the contact information for that person. Second, if a number is blocked on your phone, simply select ‘Block number’ in the Messaging app’s settings, which will send messages from that number straight to your voicemail box. The first step in stopping someone from sending or reading your text messages is blocking your number. To block a number, go to Settings, click on Phone and scroll down to Blocked numbers. To un-block a number, you need to enter the code sent by the person who blocked you. There are a few ways to prevent others from sending messages to your blocked number. The first way is to go into the settings and enable the “Voicemail” option.

Avoiding text message spam

There are some simple ways to prevent text messages from being forwarded to your contacts without your permission. For example, if you’re worried that someone might be looking over your shoulder, you should use a lock screen on your phone and set it so that only people who have the password can see what’s on the screen. You can also set up a text message passcode for people to enter before they can see messages sent from their phone. This prevents them from forwarding texts even if they know the passwords.
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There are many apps out there that you can download in order to help protect your privacy and maintain your mobile device. Some of the best apps are Text Secure and Text Me Not, which will encrypt your text messages so that only the recipient can read them. There are many ways to not be spammed by text messages. All you have to do is locate the spammer’s number in your contacts and then block them from sending you any more texts. Make sure to keep your phone’s settings on silent or vibrate when you are not in a meeting, where the person can’t bother you until they leave. Another way to avoid these texts is to turn off your data roaming on your phone. You will also want to keep the sound off or on vibrate when your phone is near you so that people can’t read your messages over the noise.


If someone is snooping on your text messages, there are a few things you can do to stop them. If they are the one who sent you the message, you can block them. You have to have their number in your contact list before you can block them. They will no longer be able to send or receive messages from your phone after that. You can also set up your device so it sends a notification when someone tries to read your texts, or even turn on the screen every time they type something. If they don’t know your phone number or email, then contact whoever sent you the message and ask if they could share it with you later if needed.

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