Irony is a currency that we spend a lot in this world. Ironic situations happen and flow too much around us for it not to be a currency of some sort. Confused? Don’t be. Visualize all the times your professor, teacher, parents, or loved ones have told you to limit how to use your phone. Heck, blogs would point out your phone as the number 1 villain when you research how to increase your productivity as a student.  What if we told you that your phone isn’t the villain you think it is. Through your phone, you can get student help, such as dissertation assistance. Apart from dissertation assistance, there are other resources designed to help, and you can access all of them through your phone.  Yes, your Android phone doesn’t necessarily have to be a major. According to the best app developers in LA you can get apps that will make you productive and help you not only achieve academic success but will help you organize yourself better in everyday life.Also, there are apps developed to help you be more organized in writing essays and apps to improve your essays. In addition, there are excellent apps to help you focus while studying and also help you revise.  There are so many apps for you as a student, but best we start with the top 10 apps for you.  

 Top 10 Best Android Apps for Students



As a student, you would be doing quite a lot of study, and with StudyBlue, you don’t have to get any studying blues. This app is a repository of study guides, notes, and flashcards of more than 400 million just for you. These guides, notes, and flashcards are from other students who’ve used the app.  Students can easily share study materials, quiz themselves, get recommendations from other students and access their study guides. Also, some features allow students set reminders and track study progress.  

Socratic by Google

Google has outdone itself with this app as it allows students to get much-needed assistance for their studies. The application will enable students to get help using their phone cameras to take pictures of a problem, allowing an AI to study the said picture to provide solutions. If the AI can’t get solutions, you will get aids and other resources to help you reach a solution yourself.  There is also the option of typing in the question. Taking pictures works for problems in mathematics, physics and other related subjects. 

RefME – Referencing Made Easy

You know how doing essay assignments is already tedious with the researching and the writing. With RefME, the writing becomes less tedious as it will help you with the referencing aspect of writing. So, instead of manually filling in the references, RefME automates the process. All you have to do is to search for the work you want to reference, and voilà. 


While this name doesn’t look like something that belongs to a student app, this application is more than useful. We said your phone doesn’t necessarily have to be a distraction, but this depends on you. Sometimes you fall into the brief pleasures these distractions offer, and your productivity reduces.  You can easily fix this with Forest. This phone program will allow you to focus and be productive by eliminating distractions your phone could cause. 
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Grammarly Keyboard

Grammarly keyboard is Grammarly’s answer to developing a phone application. This program improves your essays, especially if you are part of the students who love to type on their phones. The keyboard has excellent predictive tech, the smart compose that helps you make your writing better. Also, the app will help remove errors from your writing.  Quizlet Have problems with Spanish? Just download Quizlet to help boost your learning of Spanish or other languages, as the app has more than 18 languages. Your speaking of these languages would be pristine as this app would teach you how to pronounce them properly.  Quizlet would teach you through the use of flashcards which you can build. You can also learn using the program’s games and other features. 


Evernote is a student’s solution to organizational problems. This application will help you track your assignments, essays, and coursework. With an organized study schedule, your productivity will go through the roof. You can make notes and share these notes with other people, and you can synchronize your works across multiple devices. 

myHomework Student Planner

Planning is the villain in most students’ life, and this application makes planning easier. You can arrange your academic obligations in the application and input details about your classes in the calendar feature. With the calendar feature, you can easily track deadlines and prioritize work. 


YouTube has a vast library of different videos, including academic videos. You can use this video platform application to learn new things or to reinforce what you have already learned in the classroom. 
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Friends can make learning easier, and GoConqr offers just that by allowing you to receive or share learning materials. 


Your phone could either be a source of distraction or learning. It is up to you to decide. With these applications, you can have that high level of productivity you’ve always thought was impossible.   

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