We can always find something cheap or cheaper. It seems this low-budget solution will save us time and money. Some years ago, TVs promised us accessible electronics, and those experts were talking of truth. A competitive notebook cost a minimum of $4000 in 2004, changing to $299 in 2022. Its performance was accelerated by using new memory types, recycling, etc. Let’s look at the tendency to touch the network with 10Gbps servers ports. The cheapest configuration We need the server for business. It must have 24/7/365 access to the web and at least 128 GB SSD storage. The best solution may be to use a computer or something else with the Network Interface Card. The optic cable is responsible for transferring the data. The switch helps to connect some points into one network.  This configuration fits to run the websites costing about $100-$200. But it has many disadvantages. You can’t expect a big audience there – a maximum of 64 hosts per time unit. Others must wait. These 10 Gbps servers are vulnerable to DDoS attacks. The maintenance is tricky because the equipment can lose its working capabilities quickly. Plus, the effectiveness is doubtful, especially when the company owner is not trustworthy. Other essential factors to know The actual cost of the server has three components: the cost of machinery, installation, and maintenance expenses. The powerful multi-core processor starts from $1000, plus 500 GB hard disk or SSD for $100, and 32 GB RAM costs about $200. So you need at least $1600 for the competitive server covering the country or globe. If you need more powerful equipment, it will cost you more. The second part is the installation expenses. If you have professionals on the team and you will exploit the server nearby, it’s almost free. But the respected business always locates their equipment offshore. That requires payments for specialists who will fly there to provide the installation or choose the local engineers who want to eat too. The maintenance and repair also need expenses and attention. This component is variable and depends on the server’s confidence. It includes solving technical issues, up- or downgrading, and so on. But you must pay annually for that. Buying or renting So, as we understand, the 10Gbps servers can’t be cheap because they need a large team to serve, proper maintenance, and the space for it. Buying streaming server hosting or corporate business is essential for big companies with long-term projects. Small businesses can rent the server stand. That measure saves the budget and time.
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