Sending a voice message on an iPhone to an Android phone can seem like an impossible task. However, with the right steps and some ingenuity, it is no problem at all! After reading this article, you will be able to send voice messages in no time. and knew after read this article how to send voice message from iphone to android.

What is voice message

Voice message is the shorthand way of saying ‘SMS’. Voice messages, like text messages, are sent via mobile phones and voicemail boxes. They can contain text or audio files at any time and are often used for social media interactions between friends or family members. Voice message can be sent from one android to another android. Voice messages are saved in the mail app and they can be deleted by the intended recipient if you have selected that option in the settings of your phone. Voice message, also called voice mail or voice clip, is a recording of a spoken audio message that is sent to a recipient’s phone. iPhone users are able to send voice messages using Siri and the Messages app; Android users are able to send them using the Google Assistant and the messaging apps on their phones. Voice message is a way to send your voice from one phone to another. It usually does not require you to use a network, internet access or even Wi-Fi connection in order for it to work. In order for this technology to function and allow you to receive the messages, both phones must be updated with the latest software.
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How to send voice message from iphone to android

With this App you can send voice message from your iPhone to any android device. Do you want to send a voice message to your friend on Google Hangouts, SMS, WhatsApp or Skype? Now with our voice messaging App you can do it all in one place! To send voice message from iphone to android, follow these steps: 1. From the iPhone X and later, go to Settings > FaceTime > (your device model) > Add Account 2. Open the “Add Account” window and enter the name of your new contact 3. Enter a secure password, then tap Next 4. Make sure the account is verified, then tap Continue 5. On an Android device running Marshmallow or higher, open your phone settings app, tap on “Accounts”, select “Send Voicemail”

Steps for sending a voice message from iphone to android

If you have an iphone, it is possible to send voice messages from the device to an android phone or tablet. The steps for doing this are outlined below. 1) Open the Messages app on your iphone 2) Click on “New Message” 3) Tap “Voice Call”, and then tap the contact that you want to message 4) Say your message. Open the Messenger app on your iPhone and press the “Plus” button in the lower left corner of the screen. From there, go to “People.” You’ll then see a list of all your contacts that are signed into Messenger; choose from them the person you want to send a voice message to. Tap “Send Voice Message” and make sure it says “Do Not Disturb” at the bottom of your screen so that you don’t receive any notifications while you’re sending messages.
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What are the disadvantages of using the application

The application allows the user to send a voice message from iphone to android, but there are some disadvantages that come with this application. For example, the user has to have data enabled on their phone in order for the app to work properly. The sending of a voice message can also take a long time because it is sent through internet. the application is quite difficult to use. There are many glitches and it is hard to get the hang of it. It also seems to have problems with compatibility and when you want to send a message from one phone, it won’t work on the other phone.


In this article, we will talk about how to send voice message from iPhone to Android. We for sure understand that people may be a bit confused in this case, as both iOS and Android are the big rivals, and lots of people are using both of them. The reason why someone would want to send voice message from iPhone to Android is that maybe there is an urgent message to be sent and the other person is currently using Android.

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