If you are an android user, you might have come across this problem. You have forgotten to turn off the headphone mode and now your battery is draining because of it. Â I faced the same problem with my headphone. So I figured that I can use a simple sensor and do the job of detecting.

how to turn off headphone mode on android?

When you plug your headphones into your Android device, the device automatically switches from speaker to headphone mode. This is usually fine, but sometimes you may want to turn off headphone mode. To do so, tap on your notification bar and then tap on Headphones Connected. You’ll see a small switch that says Headphone Mode – tap it and it will say Headset Mode. If you disconnected your headphones and plugged them back in, it will return to its original state without you having to do anything else. Headphone mode is a function that automatically turns off your phone’s ringer and vibration when you plug in headphones. I’d like to turn it off so I can be more aware of my surroundings when listening to music. If you are facing an issue turning off  headphone mode on Android, don’t panic. If you’re not in a situation where you need to be listening to the sound of your headphones, then it’s probably best to turn them off so you avoid battery drain. On most devices with Android 7+, go to Settings > Battery > Turn off the Power Saving Mode for audio.
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You’ll have to scroll all the way down to find this setting or check which tile does what on your device. On iOS, go to Settings > General > Restrictions and toggle off “headphone mode” as an allowed app.

Problems and Solutions

Turning off the headphone mode on android devices can be really hard because you have to enter a few different commands in different menus. To get it turned off, go to Settings, click on Sound and then change the Audio Output to “Speaker.” If you are listening to music on your android and want to take off your headphones but it won’t turn off, you have some troubleshooting steps. The first thing to try is just restarting the device and hopefully that fixes the issue. If not, try resetting the phone. You can also look in your settings and find the “Ambient notification” setting and turn it off there. One challenge with turning off headphone mode is that you may need to shut down your device every time that you want it off. Another problem is that shutting down the device will also close any apps that are running in the background. Your phone has a setting called “headphone mode” which you can adjust to either have the sound come out of your speakers, or be muted completely. If you’re using headphones, turn this setting off and the audio will come out through your headphone jack. If it still doesn’t work, you might want to try disconnecting and reconnecting these headphones in case there is an issue with the connection.
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To turn off headphone mode on android, we need to go to our “Sound” settings. We then need to scroll down the list, and click on “More sound settings”. This will take us to a new screen where we can change the speaker mode from “headphones” to “speaker.”

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