Data loss is something that has become increasingly common today with the rise of mobile devices where we store all our information. Imagine in a scenario where you have a broken phone which you can’t access, coupled with the added complexity of not having any valid data backup. Below will be few measures to help retrieve your lost data and get your life back on track.

How to recover data from locked Android phone with broken screen

Is there a solution for recovering data from locked Android phone with broken screen? Yes, if you use this top Android Data Recovery Software to recover deleted or lost files from Android phone. There are many ways to recover data from locked Android phone with broken screen. If you have a computer, you can extract the data from your phone using a USB cable. You can also download an Android Data Recovery tool and then use it to retrieve all the information on your device. In addition, another way is to send your phone to an expert who knows how to unlock it and recover the data on it. The first method shows you how to manually retrieve your data from a locked Android phone with broken screen. The second method is to use an Android Data Recovery software to restore all your lost data.

How to Analyze the Issue and Fix the Problem

In this article, you’ll learn how to find a solution to the problem of data recovery from a locked Android phone with a broken screen. It’s hard for anyone without technical knowledge to recover data from an Android phone with a broken screen. You may be able to solve the problem by analyzing what caused the problem.
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When you can’t unlock your broken Android phone, it is time to take action. Your device may have stopped connecting to the internet, or it’s showing an error message about a damaged operating system. There are a few things you should know before you start trying to recover data from your locked Android phone with broken screen: don’t connect the device to any computer and don’t charge it.

Tips for Prevention

When it comes to breaking your Android smartphone and losing data, prevention is always the best option. Start by backing up your phone regularly. This will make retrieving lost data much easier. You should also use encryption and back up important information like pictures, contacts, and documents to an external device or cloud storage service. There are many apps that can help you recover lost information from a broken Android device. These tips might not be useful if your phone is already locked, but it’s better to do everything you can beforehand. Lock your password and have a backup of your important data. Check the file system for errors or corruption. You can also try to install Android on a different phone and transfer the data from there. Reboot your Android device and wait for the screen to go blank. This will help you get rid of lock screen apps that are running.


If you’re using an Android device and have forgotten the password, there are still plenty of ways to get back into your phone. If you can’t remember the password, try connecting your phone to a computer via USB and accessing the data that way.
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You can also use various third-party tools like DiskDigger to scan for deleted files in case you’ve already removed the files from your phone but they’re still stored on your SD card.

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