Do you know that many business owners face problems constructing powerful quotes, which they can use in press releases? We would like to help you with composing an excellent release quote to make your brand and press release stand out. You will learn the most efficient types of quotes. It is not easy to write engaging quotes for corporate press releases. You should avoid inserting quotes that have no relation at all to your story/event/news. The purpose of a quote is to bring a human angle to your business press release. They aim to add some value, creativity, and interest.  We realize that you are looking for concrete samples of working quotes. You will find many ideas to craft your eye-catching and aspiring press release.

Personalize Your Press Release Story

You must provide the explanations to your story and make it sound personalized. It will help you attract the attention of journalists and engage your target audience. It is a nice idea to add some extra content to your press release story. 

What Are the Most Efficient Types of Quotes?

Matching quotes will make your press release look more realistic and creative. This is exactly what most journalists look for to publish.

1. Issue-Based Quotes

This is the easiest type of quotes that you can find for press releases, yet it is a convenient way to connect your brand with local journalists and business partners. We all like to solve issues. Make sure your quote helps visualize the story, by including your report data or fresh stats.
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2. Emotional-Based Quotes

Do you know that emotional quotes are able to impact your press release in a positive way? They boost engagement and attract the attention of local journalists or bloggers to your press release. When you freely and honestly express your emotions, people feel it and respond positively. Such quotes can bring a bit of human angle to your brand story. So, do not be afraid to include emotional words and share your experience to trigger maximum empathy from the audience. 

3. Assessment-Based Quotes

If you want to choose a quote and make your press release win the competition, consider using quotes based on the assessment carried by your team. If it is problematic to do, you can always use generic assessments, which are available online. Such quotes will make your text more legitimate and respectful. Additionall, they help in visualizing your story.

4. Analogy and Metaphor Quotes

In order to attract maximum attention, you can use a figure of speech in your press release quotes. It is an effective way to interest journalists/bloggers. They like stories white are creative and unique. Many journalists have the tendency to shorten long quotes because they want to make them as catchy as possible. Metaphors/analogies are the best to express your point of view.

5. Inspiring Quote

Would you like to humanize your press release and boost the empathy of readers? In such a case, you need inspiring quotes for your press release. By choosing the right words, you will find the way to impact your reader and touch his soul. You can speak about your company’s achievements, struggles, and raise universal topics of discussion. The goal is to motivate your readers to check your brand and order products/services.
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6. Humoristic Quotes

When you write a press release, you do not have to be too serious all the time. Depending on the topic of discussion, you can use cheeky or humoristic quotes to make your readers smile. Good humor can make a huge difference and impact on your target audience. Make your quote memorable and people will have positive associations with your brand.  

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