Nowadays, possessing video editing skills is a must for any person. Widely used in marketing and social media, videos are the most popular type of content among viewers. It is not surprising as videos engage the audience easily and help them better perceive information.  Technological advancement allows people to create videos on any device. So let’s find what is better to use for video editing: your mobile device or PC? 

Computer Video Editing Advantages

If you wonder how to make a movie trailer or a video tutorial, a computer will always be a good option for generating any type of video you want. Let’s find more pros of using a PC for creating video content in detail. 

Wide Editing

A wide computer screen provides you with more comfortable editing and much space. You will be able to spot all details and mistakes to produce high-quality content. Besides, a lot of software does not run properly on smartphones, and you can fully benefit from their functionalities on a large computer screen. 

High Output Quality

Editing videos on PC ensures a high export quality as computer programs render your video at a higher resolution, bitrate and frame rate. Smartphone users can try to enhance the video quality using special tools, but they cannot be compared to the results you will get from computer video editing. 

Powerful Editing Software 

PC video editing programs are more challenging to master, but they are surely better and more versatile than smartphone editing tools. Computers have high processing power, fast RAM, and a graphics card. So you can use the most power-hungry programs, and do not be afraid it will lag or edit too long. 

Computer Video Editing Disadvantages 

Editing videos on computers is not completely perfect, and there are certain downsides to consider. Explore PC video editing cons and make the right choice. 

Higher Price

Despite convenient computer video editing using advanced programs, you should note that it will cost you a higher price. A computer, headset, graphics card, and software this list may be complemented by other elements for effective video editing on a PC. 

Complex Social Media Upload

Plenty of editing software allows people to share their edited videos via social media, but computer users have limited possibilities. In most cases, you will need to export a video on your smartphone and then add it to Instagram Reels or Facebook Stories. 


A common problem of computer video editing is video compression when uploading it to social media. You lose the video quality, but it can be easily solved if you compress the video in advance using special tools. 

Smartphone Video Editing Pros 

Now it’s time to find what you can benefit from using your mobile device to edit videos. So take a look at a list of smartphone video editing pluses. 

Easy to Use

Beginners can easily master video editing on their mobile rather than on computer devices. Smartphone editing applications have a more straightforward interface and a clear navigation menu. So people usually learn to create videos on their smartphones and then move to computer video editing. 

Affordable Price

It is cheaper to upload an editing app from the App Store or Play Market than to install a full software version on your computer. Computer editing software is expensive, while mobile editing tools are more cost-effective, especially for beginners.

Great Portability

Using a smartphone, you can edit videos anywhere. You just have to download the app and ensure your device has enough charge and memory. People who need to meet tight deadlines will highly benefit from mobile video editing portability. 

Smartphone Video Editing Cons

Video editing on a smartphone is not a bed of roses and there are some disadvantages to consider when deciding to use your mobile to create videos. 

Limited Storage 

It’s sad to admit, but smartphones will not give you full editing freedom as your internal memory will be loaded with hundreds of files, videos, and programs. You will have to use an external hard drive or cloud storage which is not always convenient and free. 

Simple Editing Apps 

When choosing a smartphone for video editing, you should consider that you will use less powerful software than a computer. Video editing is less effective on mobile devices as you cannot benefit from all editing techniques and shortcuts. 

Weaker Battery

A significant drawback of mobile video editing is that it reduces your battery life. Video editing may take hours, and being out of home without a battery charger can be a big problem. So do not forget a power bank and a charger if you edit videos using your smartphone.


Now you see that both computers and smartphones can be used for video editing, and you can choose the device you find more convenient. Editing on mobiles and computers has pros and cons, but you understand that a computer with a large screen, headset, spacious memory, and a fast processing unit ensures a better output quality and a smooth editing process. So do not hesitate to start editing right now and impress people with your incredible projects. 

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